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Play Ropes & Nets

Hammond & Taylor are one of the leading manufacturers of rope playground equipment. Whether your requirement is for a simple climbing rope or a fully integrated playground solution we are here to help.

We can supply combination rope assemblies for all types of playgrounds, leisure areas, schools, private homes and adventure park use.

Manufactured to suit your individual size requirements.

All our Playground Equipment is made to EN1176 Standard.

We have over 20 years experience in providing safe, accessible and high-quality rope play structures. Additionally we can manufacture custom nets, scramble nets, bridges and other parts for integrating into commercial playground designs.

We can also supply replacement nets and rope as we manufacture all our own nets and ropes with a wide choice of colours and fixings. Additionally we offer an in house repair facility.

Exciting possibilities limited only by your imagination!

  • Single 4m Space Net

    Activity Nets

    The Hammond & Taylor Challenger Range of Activity Nets have been independently inspected by ROSPA to meet the new European Standard EN1176:2008.

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  • 4 Stage Tunnel Net

    Tunnel Nets

    Tunnel nets can add excitement and variety to your project.

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  • Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridges

    Our suspension Bridges are designed to exacting requirements and in a variety of sizes. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use our designs can be incorporated into support structures made from wood, metal, composite material or a combination of all three.

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  • Spiders Web Climber

    Custom Playground Rope and Net Designs

    Exciting possibilities limited only by your imagination! These nets are sophisticated play installations, which demonstrates the advantages of rope in the construction of exciting and complex space filling designs.

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  • Rope and Fittings Example

    Rope and Fittings

    Rope has an appealing texture and holds a definite fascination for young fingers. The vandal resistant combination rope which we use is both flexible and strong, making a child feel part of the play unit, whilst being safe.

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