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Netting Commercial Products

Using top quality materials and a highly skilled workforce Hammond and Taylor have over 65 years in producing a wide range of nets to the highest of standards.

We pride ourselves in our ability to custom make nets for your requirements, whilst meeting deadlines and supply products which can be relied upon for durability.

With our already vast experience of knowledge and subsequent acquisition of RL Middleton nets back in 2008, the scope and variety of nets we are able to manufacture is virtually limitless.

From a small climbing net to a complex multi element safety net for a power station, we are able to provide a cost-effective and timely solution.

Below is an example of nets and ladders that we can manufacture and supply. However this is not a fully comprehensive list. We would be delighted to discuss any individual requirements.

  • Load retention/brick/skip nets
  • Helideck Nets
  • Gangway Nets
  • Helideck Surround Nets
  • Scramble Nets
  • Cargo Nets
  • Cargo Lifting Nets
  • Safety Nets
  • Pilot Ladders
  • Jacob Ladders, Embarkation Ladders
  • Wire Nets
  • Adventure, Play Nets & Equipment

  • Industrial Building Safety

    Safety Nets

    Our personnel safety nets are manufactured to BS 3913 and the European Standard EN 1263 Part 1 to save lives.

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  • Heli deck Net

    Offshore Nets

    Our offshore range covers a wide range of applications.

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  • Brick Forks With Debris Net

    Load Restraint / Debris Nets

    We offer cordage, brick nets, skip nets, refuse nets, cargo nets, wastepaper nets, sugar beet nets, salt dump nets and other restraining nets.

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  • Walkway Side Net

    Marine Nets

    We cater for all aspects of Marine netting and allied products.

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  • Scramble Net During Manufacture

    Leisure Nets

    Apart from stock sizes we manufacture scramble nets to customers requirements.

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  • One of Many Blast Nets Made For The M.O.D.

    Miscellaneous Nets

    The application, variety and scope of nets we are able to manufacture is virtually limitless. Whether a small climbing net for your garden or a complex,multi element safety net for a power station, Hammond and Taylor are able to provide the solution.

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  • Helideck Net Being Made

    Helideck Landing Nets

    At Hammond and Taylor our antiskid helideck landing nets are manufactured in UK to the highest standards to ensure safety and durability. Specifically designed for use in high risk landing zones where it is essential to prevent helicopters skidding whilst landing, such ...

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