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Rope Products

Hammond and Taylor are one of the UK’s leading rope suppliers.

Having supplied rope for many years you can be confident that you are dealing with an established and reputable Company. Our dedicated sales team are here to help and advise you regarding your rope requirements.

As a well known UK company we aim to supply quality rope and twine at the best possible price. We buy rope in large quantities and pass the savings we make on to you, we also have an extensive logistics network in place to ensure our customers receive their rope as quickly as possible

Additionally we have supplied ropes for many large feature films, theatres and TV series having been used for many different applications

Our comprehensive catalogue reaches further than what we advertise, additionally we constantly add new rope products to our already extensive range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot see what you are currently looking for.


  • Polypropylene Split Film

    Polypropylene Split Film

    Is overall a general purpose rope.  Example of use include being used as Border Ropes, Tie Cords on Skip Nets, for lashing down lorry nets/sheets etc. Polypropylene Split Film  is used in the Construction Industry, Transport Industry, Fishing Industry, and Yachting.

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  • Polypropylene Yarn

    Polypropylene Yarn

    Examples of use include Scramble Nets, Cargo Nets, Activity Nets, Safety Netting and Children’s Play Equipment. Polypropylene Yarn is equally strong when dry and wet.  Additionally it is UVL treated so won’t rot.

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  • Polyhemp - Synthetic

    Polyhemp - Synthetic

    Examples of use include all possible handwork including tug-of-war, Children’s Climbing Nets/Frames, Sports Rope.  Polyhemp is non-slip, soft on the hands for young children and is weather and rot resistant.

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  • Manilla

    Manila Rope

    Examples of use include Helideck Nets and climbing nets.  Manilla Rope is made from a natural fibre that is produced solely in the Philippines.  Manilla Rope is not recommended for use in wet conditions.

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  • Nylon

    Nylon Rope

    This high quality nylon rope is ideal for uses such as Anchoring, Mooring and Towing ropes, Well Head Nets/Reservoir Safety Nets, Swimming Pool Nets and Cargo Nets.  Nylon rope has excellent shock absorption properties and is one of the stronger synthetic fibres availa...

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