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Lifting and Pulling Equipment

At Hammond & Taylor SuperLift Ltd we are able to supply for sale or hire all types of lifting and pulling equipment. We also undertake all types of examinations and testing, both on site and in our workshop.

Continual investment in our comprehensive hire fleet enables us to offer one of the widest ranges of lifting, pulling and materials handling equipment available in the UK, all backed by our onsite service and repair facilities.

Our comprehensive catalogue reaches further than what we advertise additionally we constantly add new products to our already extensive range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot see what you are currently looking for.

  • Hand Chain Hoists

    Hand Chain Blocks

    With our innovative new design, the Yalelift 360 opens up a new world of safety for the operator. Range of applications, as well as the operating conditions have been changed by a revolutionary hand chain guide system

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  • Lever Hoists

    Manual Lever Hoists

    Assertively pontificate optimal markets through tactical markets. Authoritatively disseminate extensible channels without pandemic functionalities.

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  • Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric chain hoist, model CPV/CPVF, with suspension lug or integrated trave trolley Capacities: 125 - 2000kgs

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  • Cable Pulling Machines, Hydraulic Tirfors and Power Packs

    Cable Pulling Machines, Hydraulic Tirfors and Power Packs

    The Yaletrac range of portable cable pullers provide a versatile tool for pulling, lifting, lowering, tensioning, and securing loads over long distances. They are easy and safe to use and are almost service free.

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